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The Origin of the Six Words Mantra – “Embody the Light, Become the love"

Translated by Qin Cai and Jing Zhao Cesarone

“Embody the Light, Become the love" is an essay written by Master Hong Tai to explain the universal energy through receiving information from the universe during COVID. As the reciter goes deeper into it, the mind returns to one, the body, mouth and the mind become one, then one can purge the pollution, eliminate karma, increase happiness, break the seal, awaken the soul, promote righteousness, resist the darkness and gain achievement. By practicing the six-word mantra of "Embody the Light, Become the love", one can return to one's roots, attain innocence, purity and selflessness, and thus be able to accept and integrate all, gain positive consciousness and enlightenment, possess magical energy, and achieve all tangible and spiritual achievements. The formless, the obtainable and the inaccessible, is finally complete.

Only when a drop of water merges into the ocean can it explode with great energy; only when a leaf returns to the forest can it appreciate real life. It is the only one who inherits the wisdom of the sages and the culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism for thousands of years and does not charge a fee. On the journey to explore and restore the truth, and promote the righteousness of law, he overcame all hardships, difficulties and tribulations with his strong will, spirit and feelings. His general method is easy to understand. The person with depth sees the depth, the shallow person only sees the shallow part, the wise person sees the wisdom, the benevolent person sees benevolence.

The Six Words Mantra is the star of enlightenment that calls for the awakening of mankind, to interpret the great love of the universe, to maintain justice and peace, to promote the community of human destiny, and to advocate the path of "harmony and joy of life". Only by turning into light and love can we awaken, ascend, merge with the spirit, clarify the Tao, complete our merits and virtues, and unite man and nature.

Strenuousness makes good achievement; honesty makes good business; kindness makes a good human being. It is often asked that “a good heart is like a candle. Is the good person easily blessed?” Why? Because good people with pure inner light who are open-minded with passion, love and a high amount of energy can drive away the darkness and reduce disaster. The day we deeply know love and become love, we will no longer seek, pursue, or desire love. At this point, we are love!

Wealth, reputation, and societal position are an external appearance. Virtue is the foundation. All things are accessible to morality, and there will be no obstacles in the world and troubles in the future, because virtue carries all things. What you have is what you give, and what you give will return to you. The fate of life is changeable, it is the ignorance of the past that has created the result of today. The destiny of the future is the result of your present heart and thoughts.

The future of our life is not dependent on other people. It is in our lofty thoughts, aspirations, mind power and self-discipline, which are determined by our faith, endurance, and desire; simultaneously, love identifies our virtue, faith and power level.

By looking within and realizing "Embody the Light, Become the Love", go into the depths of your heart and find the purest, softest, selfless, joyous, forgiving, understanding, accepting, and embracing heart of light. Turn into light and become love, activate the life force of the original self, continue to improve, and work hard to repair the self to achieve goals, be successful, and enjoy life.

When you become love, all the visible and invisible resources come to you, only love can awaken all things. At the same time love awakens the divine light within you to shine on more people. Doing good makes your aura better and doing bad obscures your own light making your luck become worse. Some people may misunderstand this and think that those who do evil will die faster. (The greatest punishment of heaven, however, is to make a person be in misery, fear, poverty and dying slowly). If you do good deeds, you will feel happy and in good spirits; if you do bad deeds, you will feel depressed, restless and not in good spirits; this is the change between light and darkness.

When you “Embody the Light, Become the love", good luck comes, and you can experience it through your own body and mind.

The greatest force in the world is the positive profound waves and energy released by our powerful love. It can fuse, melt and solve all problems.

Shout out with powerful mind every day!

Through “Embody the light, become the love”, you create your own world and wonderful life, contribute to society, serve mankind, arrive at the palace of dreams, and attain positive results!

Interpretation of “Embody the light, become the love”

Master Hong Tai has been writing articles to awaken minds since 2015. He has been committed to holding up the banner of cultural rejuvenation, inheriting the wisdom of sages, promoting the national spirit, activating vitality, enhancing the spiritual growth, and opening up the descendants of the dragon - a new chapter, while continuing to contribute to the community a of shared future for mankind and calling for world peace.

The poem "Embody the light and become the love" is full of subtle meaning and wisdom. When the epidemic approached, Master Hong Tai received a message from the universe and created the Six Words Mantra. It is the general method of ascension, and the magic formula to prevent the epidemic and overcome the disaster. It is an efficient method of cultivating compassion, wisdom, awakening the soul, breaking the seal, enhancing energy, and ascending in spiritual growth.

This Six Words Mantra is the method and mantra described by Master Hong Tai. This mantra contains the universal power to break imprisonment, purify the soul, obtain the endless blessing of high energy, and possess the magical energy that penetrates sky and earth. It is the sound of the existence of spiritual energy, the six-character awakening mantra is extremely rich in connotation and infinite in mystery, which contains great power, wisdom and compassion in the universe. This mantra is the subtle heart of Master Hong Tai, and it has incredible merits and benefits to recite.

When one becomes light, one's heart is free of dust, full of positive energy, and no dark spirits can come near. It is said, "Every day in the Tao, cultivate the mind meditation purity within the hidden. Good thoughts are fixed in the mind, and the origin is in the center of the heart." Without the analysis of the self, the interpretation of nature, and faith in love, one cannot grasp the laws of the Tao and all beliefs; when people do not have wisdom and creativity, it is impossible for them to become virtuous, cultured, and productive; they can neither liberate themselves from the self and gain ascension, nor can they universally benefit the world and fulfill themselves, and will still suffer from reincarnation; if they lack of compassion, merit, spirituality, and faith, they cannot universally benefit all living beings . Those who have wisdom without compassion will stop at Nirvana; those who have compassion, but lack of wisdom will fall into reincarnation. Only when compassion and wisdom are both present can they be transformed into light, become love, integrate, and accept all. And attain the perfection of "the lotus flower without water, or the sun and moon without air, the mountain is as good as water, wisdom is accessible, and happiness is free".

If we cannot free ourselves from the shackles of the old generation, then everything we see will not be real and will become a dream bubble in our lives. When humanity enters the third dimension, the fourth dimension, the spiritual world, the world of truth, all the myths you are familiar with are not myths, but all the truths you present to yourself.

2020 is the age of the spiritual practitioner and consciousness, the spirit begins to open the heavens, pass on the love with sound, the cultivation of enlightenment begins with love. Only when the soul awakens, we embody the light,become the love, and step into the bright future!

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