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The Chinese Peace Dragon - Born for World Peace (2)

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The Chinese Peace Dragon, also known as Fushan Seal (釜山合符 Fushan Hefu), is the first “Dragon and Phoenix” Jade Seal in China’s history. It is a long-standing Chinese confederate token, which represents a system with great significance throughout history. Fushan, located in Hebei Province in China, thus became the beginning of the unification of China, and the origin of the Chinese nation as well.

The Chinese Peace Dragon is not only a reflection of the Chinese nation's harmonious thinking, but also the root of the Chinese nation's long-lasting prosperity. It carries the vision of national unity, mutual trust and responsibility, as well as building a win-win situation with tolerance and appreciation for everyone. It also demonstrates a civilization built upon great love, mutualism, prosperity and sharing culture so that it can advance with unification.

To create a harmonious world with differences is truly the great unification of the world. The Chinese Peace Dragon also represents "the way of harmony", wishing for a peaceful and beautiful world. It is not only the root of the Chinese nation's long-lasting prosperity, but also the core concept of the 21st century that benefits our entire globe. It can help solve various problems in the world at present and in the future.

It can be seen that the Chinese Peace Dragon is a totem made of a variety of animals. It not only demonstrates the concept of national unity, but also presents the benchmark for a future global village with happy living standards. Pursuing a peaceful future and sharing a beautiful global village is exactly the connotation of the Chinese Peace Dragon, and the meaning of the Dragon and Phoenix’s spirit.

China's 8,000-year history and cultural traditions have left numerous valuable tangible and intangible assets. Proven facts tell us that the Chinese dragon and Chinese dragon culture are unique and irreplaceable to China. From 8000 years ago, the historical sites of "Fuxi Longzu's skylight painting" demonstrates that China has never interrupted the development of its spiritual culture and civilization since its birth.

The image, meaning, and concept of the Chinese dragon are deeply rooted in the hearts of the Chinese people, and the spirit of the dragon has a great influence in China. It can be said that China is the kingdom of the dragon, and the Chinese are the descendants of the dragon. The dragon is the ancestor and symbol of the Chinese nation, as well as the origin of the 8000 year old Chinese civilization.

The dragon is the ancestor of the Chinese nation, the god of cultural genes and beliefs, the symbol of the Chinese nation, the symbol of Chinese spirit and culture, and the symbol of the origin of the 8000-year civilization of China.

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