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The Chinese Peace Dragon - Born for World Peace(1)

In the Chinese culture, the spirit of the dragon is inclusive, and it is the most ancient, most powerful, vital, and energetic force for humanity. As one of the most recognized and symbolic totems in China, the dragon conveys the endless national spirit and civilization of the nation. Although it has undergone thousands of years of historical changes and evolving, it has endured the test of time.

Since the birth of the "Dragon" symbol, it has been full of unity, love and tolerance. The dragon has been seen as the spiritual totem for Chinese culture, as the soul symbol uniting the global Chinese identity, and as the spokesperson for mainstream Chinese culture.

Its origins can be traced back to over 2,000 BC when the Yellow Emperor unified the tribes. He combined the parts of each tribal totem, giving rise to the Dragon with "a head like a camel, horn like a deer, eyes like a rabbit, ear like a bull, neck like a snake, belly like a big worm, scales like a carp, claws like an eagle, and palm like a tiger”.

The reason why the Yellow Emperor used the symbol of the Dragon as the "speaker" of spiritual culture was to let everyone understand its spirit of inclusivity. Since then, no matter which tribe they belong to, they are always part of the same family – a descendant of the dragon.

It can be said that China is the kingdom of the dragon, and the Chinese are the descendants of the dragon. The descendant of the dragon is someone who inherits the dragon culture. Only those people who have the heart of the dragon to breathe together can reasonably turn the tide in the wave of the times.

In the new era, the dragon culture should continue its mission, dedicating to building a harmonious and beautiful world, promoting compassion, kindness and love, achieving a joyful life through wisdom, hard work and courage.

Developing national strength, recasting national morality, awakening human love - that is the spirit of the dragon. Descendants of the dragon can embody and promote dragon culture – ushering in an era of peace and prosperity for all.

Nowadays, with the encouragement of the dragon spirit, we have more confidence in building the prosperity and happiness for the Chinese nation and the world.

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