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On the Revitalization of the Chinese NationⅡ—— Traditional culture

By: Hong Tai (The Heir of the Chinese Dragon Spirit)

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Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued a notice of the "Opinions on the Implementation of the Project of Inheritance and Development of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture", requesting all regional governments and departments carefully implement them in accordance with actual conditions. The "Opinions" emphasizes that, to implement the outstanding Chinese traditional culture and inherit the development project, we must revolve merely around the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, thoroughly implement the new development concept, adhere to the people-centered work orientation, adhere to the core values of socialism, adhere to creative transformation, innovative development, and adhere to the Chinese cultural stand. To inherit the genes of Chinese culture, we should not forget the original idea and should meanwhile absorb foreign values, facing the future, accumulating Chinese wisdom, promoting the Chinese spirit, spreading Chinese values. By continuously enhancing the vitality and influence of Chinese traditional culture we can create new glories of Chinese culture.

To stand in the forest of the world, every nation and culture must have its own superiority and uniqueness, and its own value and significance.

Chinese culture has gone from knotting to hieroglyphs, oracle bones, to the founding of Tai Chi by Fuxi, to the perfection of the ethical and moral civilization system and social order, and to the rule and management system of the Emperor Huang. It has experienced about 10,000 years of precipitation, and the unique, compatible and eclectic, inclusive, comprehensive, splendid culture and advanced civilization system was born in this long precipitation.

Chinese characters, which are one of the finest written symbols on the earth, contain deep truths between lines. The character REN with one stroke descends from the sky, and another from the earth. The sky is yang, and the earth yin. People are born from the combination of yin and yang. Explained in modern scientific language, Yang is the spirit of high-frequency light wave energy, Yin is the substance of low-frequency light wave energy, and mental thinking plus material body constitutes a person. The first vowel in Chinese is ah, ah is empty, it is nothing, it is imaginary, and vacuum is alive and well. Modern physics tells people that matter is made up of energy, and the light wave energy of the empty phase forms the physical body phase. With profound life universe truth. Learning to understand Chinese language and culture will help you understand the mysterious treasures that reveal the universe of life.

Real culture, with the ability to link the universe and connect with the heavens and the earth, can enlighten the mind, purify the human mind, help you to realize, awaken, understand, return to the origin, live yourself, dedicate love, live wonderfully, realize ideal self, create value, benefit society, serve humanity, and benefit the world. Life cannot be without ambition and wisdom. Culture can help you have a pure and powerful soul vitality, be responsible for yourself, benevolence, and benefit. Culture is all-inclusive, encompassing everything, controlling everything. Culture is the order of heaven.

Culture is the soul of the country, the soul of the nation, the soul of the enterprise, the soul of the person, and the culture constitutes the social attributes of human nature, thinking, character, behavior, cultivation, quality, morality, intelligence, and cultivation. Some people say that no culture is terrible. What exactly is culture? Culture does not refer to a person's knowledge, life experience, ability to work, diploma, and level, but to one's accomplishment, connotation, wisdom, and behavior. Some people say that culture is rooted in one's inner self-cultivation; self-consciousness without the need to be reminded; freedom based on constraints; goodness for the sake of others. And I think that culture should be added with "Tao", "Morality", "Ceremony", "Method", "Analysis", and "Wisdom". "Tao" is the law of nature, the law of nature, and the development trend and law of society; "Morality" is the essence of self-cultivation and reaching the other side. It is meaningless without morality. "Ceremony" is the core of dealing with people, helping people to live in the world, and constructing interpersonal relationships; "Method" is the methodology to achieve ideals and solve practical problems; "Analysis" is the method of analysis, research, and reasoning; "Wisdom" is natura land inductive. It is transparent, accessible, free and easy.

Culture is knowledge and use, action and meaning. It is the crystallization of human wisdom and is based on the sage wisdom, based on the present, combining reality, repairing self, living out a wonderful life, benefit the society and serve humanity. Culture cannot fool all living beings. However, the so-called intellectuals in modern education and cultural circles only understand technology and specialty, and do not pay attention to self-cultivation, let alone Taoism.

"Maslow's doctrine of motivation" "Everything looks to money" "The universe is material" "Successful learning" ... All methods and skills are taught to everyone. The true sage, "Confucius, Laozi, Shakyamuni," teaches students according to their aptitude, and varies from person to person. According to the talents, characteristics, and traits of students, they help them to enlighten their minds, break the seal, and complete his own independent thinking system. Let him free to bloom in the areas that are best for his development. Mind law is the general law. All the laws must be on the right track in order to benefit the world and create value. The universe is matter and energy, and the conversion of all of this lies in the desire of the "mind". The mind is strong enough to use thousands of methods for themselves to benefit society and humanity.

In order to improve social mutual harm, realize the rejuvenation of the great nation, and enhance the cohesion and sense of belonging of the Chinese people in the world, all Chinese began to actively explore and deeply study the essence of traditional culture. The descendants of Yan and Huang are descendants of the dragon and the phoenix. The dragon is the foundation of the Chinese nation, the soul of the Chinese nation, and is the emotional bond of the Chinese people. At present, the sense of belonging to the dragon has become increasingly clear. It has become a symbol of the cohesion of the Chinese nation. Culture is the soul of the country, the soul of the nation, the soul of the enterprise, and the soul of the general public. It is the ideological soul of our descendants. The birth and inheritance of culture comes from the awakening of human love and soul. "Chinese traditional culture" is the endless spiritual food of us Chinese. It has been deeply rooted in our lives and is flowing in our blood. We call on the descendants of Yan and Huang to find their true selves in the new era, strengthen their patriotism, and jointly promote the Chinese soul.

The essence and spirit of culture are inherent strengths. Experts, scholars, and folk enthusiasts who have consensus need to work together in earnest to study the "essence of traditional culture", express their feelings, to brainstorm, to innovate, to remove the falsehood, to save the truth, and to take the dregs. Essence, unified cognition. Dragon and Phoenix culture, love the world. It is our aim to practice the Chinese dream of socialism and build a community of shared future for mankind. Yan Huang descendants ought to guard the avenue, promote virtues, call for peace, practice the spirit of the dragon, reshape the souls of Chinese descendant, consolidate the nation's majestic strength, and forge the Chinese soul together.

According to the spirit of Buddhism, Tao and Confucian, by inheriting the kindness of the phoenix, harmony, virtue, benevolence, love, the wisdom of the dragon, martial arts, loyalty, pride, courage, rigidity and softness, enjoying life, leading the right path, keeping the original source clear, promoting the Fa-rectification, passing on the wisdom of the sages, the Chinese civilization will be carried on and great contribution will be made to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Culture constitutes the social attributes of human nature, social order, and soul order. The Tao is Tao. It is not normal. It is wonderful instead. Tao is the law of the universe. It is the order. Only by returning to its origin can one perceive and grasp the law of the universe, and decipher the code of the universe. The Tao is natural. The Tao is in the human world. The Tao is in the heart and the Tao is in the spirit. Body fits heart, heart fits mind, mind fits love, love fits law, law fits virtue, and virtue fit Tao. Consciousness, self-awareness, and introspection. People are named together, they are named together, they are together, they are wise and they are obedient. Self-love, self-reliance, self-certification. The etiquette is reasonable, the law is reasonable, the way is clear, the testimony, the way.

Do not forget the beginning of the heart and always have the same, without a high degree of cultural self-confidence, without the spirit of the dragon, the love of the Phoenix, the way of harmony, the unity of the universe, the family of the world, the origin of the same, there will be no cultural prosperity and nor the great revival of the Chinese nation. Nor any benefit to the society, Serving the humanity will not be possible and creating a great era of civilization will not be realized.

People only believe in the cognitive systems and natural phenomena that they are willing to believe. At the same time, they only regard those who violate their will and change their own cognitive systems as errors, or as unbelievable heretical mental stereotypes, and fears of the unknown. Exclusion, the obstruction of the cognitive system to the self, traps our dimension and wisdom, limits our thoughts and behaviors, and hinders our progress. Reasoning, everything is accessible; straightening out, everything is reasonable; rationality, all nations are subject to submission; clearing up, all peoples are observant. There is no reason in the world, reason is law, law is rule, conforming to law is conforming to morality, and conforming to morality, we have obtained the will of God, adhering to heaven, which is the essence of the world, and the truth is the essence of the law. Only when you understand the reason and combine the Tao can you achieve merits.

The "Yin-Yang theory" is the oldest scientific discovery of our Chinese sages. Everyone knows that there is qi in this world. The qi of yin and yang is an inherent attribute, and the qi field is a manifestation of the yin and yang movements. Due to the difference in the nature of gas, there is a difference between magnetic field and energy. "Gas field" refers to the influence of one's temperament on the surrounding people, and is a magical power of subconscious radiation. You have what you attract, and the world is where your heart is. When you set your goals and think about it, you will attract the same people with the same frequency. When you're in one place, focused, and brainstorming, everything you need is unsolicited. When you are broad-minded, accept a lot of rivers, lead the right path with lofty thoughts, and embrace everything with a broad mind, you will be able to gather people and gather strength.

Taoism is the soul of the Chinese people. "The Doctrine of the Mean" Chapter twelve: "Knowledge, interrogation, careful consideration, discernment, and dedication." Only with "learning and doing well" can one learn from others, learn from others, and apply what he has learned, so as not to fall into the slogan. Inheriting the virtues of the sages, inheriting the wisdom of the sages, carrying forward the national spirit, in order to continue learning from the saints, and carry forward the Chinese soul, the principle of "learning and adhering to the deeds" is the only way to know the unity of knowledge and practice, to apply what is learned, and to lead the right way. "Knowledge" and "striving" are not mutually independent, but of internal unity, social cohesion, taking the best of them, removing their dross, looking far ahead, starting close, living in the present to improve social mutual harm, rejuvenating the country through culture, and economic development, military power, governing the country according to law, ecological revival, moral revival, science and education revitalization of the country through multiple channels and multiple carriers, to achieve the ultimate grand goal of the "harmonious world and happy life"!

(Translated by Mingyue Wang and proofread by Donald An.由王明玥翻译,安东校对。)

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