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On the Revitalization of the Chinese Nation —— Future Civilization in the New Era

By: Hong Tai (The Heir of the Chinese Dragon Spirit)

In the rising and falling history and the turbulent situation, Tao does not increase, nor decrease, dose not be born, nor be dead, and its origin will be found if wisdom is sufficient enough.

Extending human history, then widening and deepening, we can make a curve view of the sine function. We always start to develop upwards at the lowest point of the current situation, and then fall from the most prosperous of the times. Reincarnation is endless, and so are the rise and fall. This is the normal state in which people, society, believes, and nations struggle with each other, sharing the same voice, from generation to generation.

Do not break or stand up, break up and stand up. The development and alternation of society and the era always follow this principle. Comparing the past and the present, so is China.

In modern times, many scholars have put forward their opinions. They said that looking at the evolution of Chinese culture and history for thousands of years, although the changes of the dynasties have made great achievements for China, but all of the development and nature of other civilization have even shown a retrogressive trend. Reform is inevitable. The change of the times, the change of lifestyles, the ultra-high-speed development of science and technology, and the huge cultural shock brought by the phenomenon of the global village are all inevitable. This is the result of the combined effect of human heart, human nature and social development and the most direct era of curve view.

Therefore, there has been a significant decline in cultural evolution so far. No development or even regression is a necessity of history. There is no era phenomenon that is an unspeakable coincidence. This is the case for the prosperity in the world, and the shortness of the national. This is the case for ups and downs, so is cultural variation, and so is natural disaster. The heyday is like the dawn, before it must be dark.

If you want to revive the great ancient civilization of China, you need to understand what is called "rejuvenation". Revival is future-oriented. It shows the past and the present. It is like Chinese medicine. It ’s in the heart. It looks good. It ’s the right medicine, and the medicine is complementary and divergent from the surface and inside. We must attach importance to publicizing energy, revising words and deeds, and promoting change. We must also examine the current model of human relations and the state of society in order to identify problems, solve problems, and complete upgrades.

Only with a sincere heart, walking on the avenue, touching the soul, and looking to the future, can we truly walk on the "renaissance road" and complete the task entrusted to us by the times. As the Greek legend says, even if Pandora's Box brings plague, sorrow and disaster, it leaves the ultimate "hope", so when we overcome our selfish desires, function can be used as a source of power to destroy the darkness, restore the true nature, blend civilization and humanity, give birth to new hope, and bridge the love and wisdom. The rising of mind and thought is the sublimation of the soul dimension in the true sense.

Countless calls have been made to urge the public to step out of the mode of social mutual harm and point out that the 2020s are a very important era for the entire earth to maintain the dimensionality. Everyone must go through whipping and introspection, can the dimensionality be maintained, the society can be changed, the national civilization can be revived, and even tens of thousands of human beings can be saved. However, those who are ignorant and selfish are still on the path of self-abatement and do not return, rushing without returning. I have no other way but to express my deep sympathy and watch them bury themselves.

If we want to carry out a round of revitalization of civilization through taking the essence and removing the dregs, in addition to self-reflection, purification of the soul, improvement of morality, and sincerity, what we should also do is to integrate the Chinese and the Western, since that is the inevitable trend of the future development of the world.

In the article "Only Chinese Culture Can Save the World" by Mr. Ji Xianlin, he pointed out that the monism of culture, that is, a monopoly, is unreasonable from all sides, and the culture should be pluralistic. It is a self-deceiving behavior that the westerns view themselves as the master of the current world culture and do not see the social disadvantages brought by their own culture. It is a stupid act as well that he Chinese claim patriotism without foreign language, They are both not conducive to the development of our inclusive and complementary high culture.

Chinese civilization is wise. Our culture can both "melt" and "forbear", and we have a long-term relaxation. The love and wisdom of the world is the mindset of our nation since ancient times. When we abandon evil thoughts and prejudice, embrace love and wisdom, all disasters will be far away, and a new era of light will be opened to illuminate the world.

When virtue is in place, with respect and order, and with a bright heart, the future of China, and even that of the entire human race on the planet, will be blessed with the new and upgraded Chinese civilization. This time and space is an era of one religion, one body of faith and science, and the union of nature and humanity. Love is the greatest force in the world. Love is also the only necessary condition for the emergence, development and upgrade of all cultures. With love as the head of kinetic energy and morality as the master of choice, you can achieve soul awakening, cultural rejuvenation, return to the origin, unity of spirit, clear path, obey the path, unite path, enhance the latitude, realize the community of human destiny, and live in harmony with the world Join the whole human race to enter a new era of future civilization!

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