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Following a Holy Fire, The Rebuilding of the Temple of Nüwa

On August 21st, Jing Zhao, a native of Shanxi Ruicheng, China, returned to her hometown, follow the so-called “holy fire of the East”. The ceremony marked her third stop on the “Journey of Light”, following the “Sunlight Festival” in Rizhao on July 21st and the “Journey to the Summit of Light at Huang Mountain” on August 1st.

Jing is a successful international entrepreneur currently living in the United States, and the cofounder of the World Peace Development League (“WPDL”). Ruicheng is a town with 1.8 million years of history and is the home of the relic of Xihoudu, the place where sunlight was first used by early humans to create fire. This month, the China 2nd National Youth Games recreated the holy fire and began a torch march across 33 provinces and 130 days.

Jing’s group climbed to the Phoenix Beak located at the bend in the Yellow River where Nüwa was buried and the Multipole Diagram was discovered by Master Hong Tai, cofounder of the World Peace Development League and an expert on Chinese culture. Phoenix Beak is located next to Fenglingdu and takes its name from its aerial image which looks like the shape of a phoenix head.

Jing and the attendees gave their gratitude to Mother Nüwa and pledged to rebuild a temple in her honor. In this way, “Kun De” culture (female virtue), the love of mother and ancestral knowledge will be passed onto future generations, issuing a call for global fellowship for citizens of the world.

The Deputy Mayor of Ruicheng, Zhao Weibing, and local representatives also attended the ceremony, offering their support for the project.

Jing expressed her deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of her hometown where the concept of the “four holies” originated, namely the holy fire, mother, water and land.

The “Journey of Light” is a project that was initiated by the WPDL. Master Hong Tai, author of the Tao of Harmony and Multipolar Culture, discovered the emerging light and believes that this represents a very significant development of the earth. He said, “This is an indication that the earth’s energy is elevating to a higher plane. The light emerging symbolizes the breakout of the earth from a time of control and negativity to a more peaceful and prosperous path.”

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