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Embody the Light, Become the Love

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Awakened citizens, the channel to higher dimension;

Preventing and treating plague, the way to overcome disasters;

A panacea.

About the Author:

He who inherited the wisdom of sages, promotes cultural renaissance and national spirit, awakens humankind and calls for world peace, the Descendant of the Dragon, Master Hong Tai.

We are children of the universe, sharing the same sustenance.

We are children of the earth, sharing the same resources.

We are a species of great ability, sharing the same capabilities.

We are the product of love, sharing the same genes.

We are the light, we are the love

With love in our hearts

We embrace everything

We harmonize all creatures

With love in our hearts

We unite the universe

We join all energies

We are the light, we are the love

With integrity in our hearts

We radiate light

We illuminate ourselves and warm others

With love in our hearts

We connect sky and earth

We are grateful to our ancestors and inherit their wisdom

We feel the richness of their energy

With love in our hearts

We defeat the darkness

We embrace the light

With love in our hearts

We break boundaries

We live in the moment

With love in our hearts

We overcome obstacles

We stride into the future

Love is the nucleus of universal energy

With love in hearts, brightness resides in us

Embody the light, become the love

Rise from our sins

Rise from a confused life

Rise to an awakened future

Despite our differences

in skin colors, characters, and shapes

We share a common dream

With shared destiny and convergence

Live true to yourself

Live fully and with passion

Live in a peaceful world and enjoy each moment

All human lives unite as one

Create a better world together

Share glories

Harvest joy

With love in our hearts

There is no difference

There is no discrimination

With brightness in our hearts

There is no darkness

There is no harm

With reflections of our light

We guide each other

We work together

We live in harmony

To be light, to be love

Discover infinite energy

Believe in your love

Spread its most beautiful wings

Give yourself light and joy

Share happiness and well-being with others

Breath in shared happiness and well-being from others

Share your light and joy with others

You are light, you are love

Perhaps, the dark side of the heart temporarily eclipses the light

Perhaps, misunderstanding distorts your interpretation of love

Nevertheless, none of these changes your nature

You are light, you are love

Whenever and wherever

You will return to your origin

Let your true self shine

Unburden your heart

Awaken your mind

Allow enlightenment to be your salvation.

Conscience meets revelation

Light illuminates glory

And the soul awakens to the grand, enduring love

You are light, you are love,

Embrace the world, illuminate the earth

You have always been the light

You will always be the love

Love is the source of all creation

Let your life blossom

Understand love, take it in and share it

Internalize love and become the one

Spread love across the earth

With a righteous heart, happiness follows

With a beautiful mind, love expands

Only love can enlighten the world

Only light can overcome darkness

Only love can endure eternally

Only light can bring true glory

Only truth, only love, only light, only beauty, only joy

Are the ingredients to dreams come true

Are the power to defeat demons and expel disease

Through meditation and spiritual practice

Destroy boundaries

Liberate oneself

Awaken the soul

Find the pure and infinite joy of the Dharma

Greet the world with a smile

Keep all in harmony

Through enlightenment of zen trance,

Free oneself from life and death,

Live for oneself,

Live passionately

Embody the light, become the love

Walk forever in a peaceful light

Walk in a world of beauty

Walk surrounded by abundance, serenity and joy

Embody the light, become the love

Gain boundless wisdom

Be blessed with joy and freedom

Live in peace and harmony

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