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Chinese Peace Dragon - Born For World Peace

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Original Text: Hong Tai, Translation: Mou Peng

In the Chinese civilization, the spirit of the dragon is inclusive, and it is the oldest, most powerful, the most vital and the most energetic human civilization. As the most recognized and symbolic totem in China, the dragon conveys the endless national spirit and civilization of the Chinese nation. It represents the splendid and colorful civilization of the Chinese nation and is one of the mainstream civilizations of the Chinese nation. The spirit conveyed by this extremely tense totem is the longest and most extensive of all existing cultural forms in the world; although it has undergone thousands of years of historical change and twists and turns, it has lasted for a long time. New, full of vitality, and always become a national spirit and national temperament with vitality and creativity; moreover, many existing cultural heritages, historical sites, archaeological discoveries, and all of them are stated and clarified. Spirit is the soul treasure of the Chinese nation. The Dragon Totem is the historical witness of China's eight thousand years of civilization. It is the most representative cultural symbol of the splendid and embarrassing history of the development of human civilization.

The beautiful world is harmonious, inclusive, helping each other and growing together. The birth of the symbol "Dragon" is very far-reaching. He is not a single animal totem, but a combination of various animals, reflecting The Spiritual Belief of the Chinese Nation: The Thought of Harmony.

Since the birth of the symbol "Dragon", it is full of unity, the meaning of love and tolerance, the dragon, as the spiritual totem of the Chinese national culture, as the soul symbol of uniting the global homologous and blood emotional identity, as the spokesperson of the mainstream Chinese culture, As early as 7,000 years ago, the era of reproductive worship has basically taken shape. "Yi Jing·Qian Gua" has a record saying: "Ninth Five:The dragon is flying in the sky, and there will be great people at this time.", it is also known as "the honor of ninety-five." Visible, respecting the emperor for the dragon from the "Ying Jing", dragon culture It refers to the traditional Chinese culture of Fuxi: Dragon's ancestor.

Later, the Yellow Emperor of Fuxi unified the tribes, and then merged with the part of each tribal totem, which gave birth to "the head is like a camel, the horn is like a deer, the eyes are like a rabbit, the ear is like a bull, the item is like a snake, the belly is like a big worm, the scale is like a carp, the claw like eagle, the palm-like tiger.”then they bring the dragon's ability to "Being able to control the changes in the season can also make the climate harmonious", to the Chinese people's original grand ambition: Peace in the country, smooth seasons, people's happiness. That’s the reason why Fuxi used the symbol of "Dragon" as the "speaker" of spiritual culture is to let everyone understand that. Since then, no matter which tribe, talking, dressing, customs, and appearance, we are always a family .This is the root of the orderly development of the Chinese nation, the enduring prosperity, social harmony, and the deepest national unity.

"The descendant of the dragon" is actually the inheritor of the dragon culture.The ancients thought that all are the fusion of heaven and earth, and the yin and yang are mutually beneficial. There is a "dragon" that must match the "phoenix". It shows that the dragon culture is rich in wisdom , and it also shows that the ancients believed in the mutual help of the sun and the moon, sharing the burden on men and women, and the world is indispensable. The idea has extraordinary recognition and far-reaching wisdom.

The beautiful and noble phoenix is ​​the symbol of the mother. The dragon is strong and powerful, and it is the symbol of the father..The dragon and the phoenix symbolize the harmony between men and women and symbolize the peace of the world. Our ancients pray for peace, pray that water and fire can coexist peacefully, and the sun and the moon together nourish the earth. This is a great love for all people.,and the respect for the nature.

"We are the descendants of the dragon." This is an indisputable fact. It is the legendary history of the Chinese nation that stands for the world.

It can be said that without the emergence of the dragon totem, the spread of the spirit of the dragon, there is no legend of the dragon. Without the fusion of this spirit, there will be no coordinated and sustainable development of Chinese traditional culture, there will be no peace fostered by the Chinese civilization. Prosperity, eternal and future.

In the long history of the river, Long has become the image of the "Chinese", and has become the root of the Chinese culture. It not only integrates the three mainstreams of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.

The cultural system also accommodates many foreign religions, cultures, and populations, and embraces the exchanges and final close integration of many ethnic groups into China.

As the most important historical humanistic image of the Chinese nation, the dragon is especially supported by "literary anthropology and six-fold evidence", including ancient records, unearthed ancient inscriptions, oral and non-legacy, cliff-inscribed original characters, cultural relics and images, and cultural relics. certificate.

China's 8,000-year history and cultural traditions have left a lot of valuable tangible and intangible assets, and the fact of using iron tells us that Chinese dragon and Chinese dragon culture are unique to China, unique and irreplaceable.

From 8000 years ago, the historical sites of "Fuxi Longzu's painting of the skylight" can be proved - the Chinese nation has never interrupted the development and spread of spiritual culture and scientific civilization since its birth.

The image, meaning, and concept of the dragon are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in China, and the phenomenon that the spirit of the dragon has a great influence is omnipresent.

It can be said that China is the kingdom of the dragon, and the Chinese are the descendants of the dragon.

The dragon is the ancestor of the Chinese nation, the god of cultural genes and beliefs, the symbol of the Chinese nation, the symbol of Chinese spirit and culture, and the symbol of the origin of the 8000-year civilization of China.

The spirit of the dragon is a unique China and a unique Chinese.

The country’s strategic general policy also states: “Chinese people view the world, society, and life, and have their own unique value system. The unique and long-standing spiritual world of the Chinese people has made the Chinese people have a strong national self-confidence and cultivated patriotism.

The national spirit of the core of the doctrine." Why can't see the "spiritual civilization construction" that can't be grasped can play such a powerful role? It is precisely because the Chinese nation has never succumbed to the worship and inheritance of the spirit of the dragon and the dragon.

"The descendant of the dragon" has a long history in the replacement of the times. In the process of continuous inheritance, innovation and power, he has gradually penetrated into the genes of every descendant of the Yellow Emperor, so that every Chinese son and daughter.

Consciously, the dragon as a symbol and bond of national unity has become a symbol of China and the Chinese nation, a symbol of Chinese spirit and culture, a soul of Chinese traditional culture, and a source of Chinese harmony. And,It has become the magical spiritual power of the fifty-six nationalities of China.

It is precisely because of the special worship and awe of the spirit of the Chinese nation over the past 8,000 years that the dragon culture has such a huge system and far-reaching influence, which is equivalent to a nation’s wisdom and magic weapon that actively pursues dreams and loves peace.

It has laid the cohesive force of our nation and the desire to explore and seek for high-level spiritual civilization.

In the torrent of history, the members of the Chinese nation have grown from less to more, from many too many. On the basis of many tribal civilizations, they have entered the starting point of a truly civilized society, and then jointly pioneered and innovated, creating a more brilliant China.

Only a few thousand years of civilization can enable the Chinese nation to stand in the forest of the world under the historical changes and cultural erosion. It has become the only great nation in the history of the world that has never been interrupted. Our country has become the "Oriental Giant" and our people have been called "The Dragon's Successor"!

What is the real reason why the Chinese nation, the dragon's nation, has survived the storms and hardships and always stood in the East?

Perhaps we can find the answer from ancient mythology, which is always the historical material that best represents the collective values of the people of the time.

It is not difficult to find that every "popular myth" that has been handed down in Chinese history is a story of "bad boy." They go to the ground, break the rules, and are compassionate and determined.

The pursuit of such myths can actually portray the values of the Chinese for thousands of years: while they are yearning for a better life, they will also self-deny the shortcomings that are derived, and those shortcomings are good for them.

Initiating the impact, they will use all the heat to smash the haze of their hearts--this is the unique character of the Chinese, just like the land, in the beautiful soil, he can quietly cultivate everything, but when people no longer cherish it, If he is damaged and persecuted, he can also carry all the mud and the disaster.

The ancients called this unique character “Tao”.

The core of”Tao”,is goodness and harmony. We call him "Ying Qian", like the sea, it is the way of integration, the modesty is good, the heart of compassion, to be close to Ying Qian, we must know and accept all such existence, express it with an empty cup of mind, and compassionate tolerance, accept it with kindness, good deeds, good deeds, and integrate into each other's body, and then release it to everyone who needs him to integrate everything.

Only with sufficient understanding and acceptance can we clearly understand the dividing line between good and evil, and learn how to make the world brighter and better.

This may be a process that is too cherished, but the situation is changed by the heart. The heart is created, and the tough and kind-hearted dragon is always on the road of Qian Qian.

In this process, all people gain a lot of tangible and intangible values, which have had an important impact for generations to come. This nation has acquired absolute vitality and appeal that have not been severed for thousands of years. This vitality has supported us through one and another extraordinary century.







Ying is the road to life development and success;

Qian is the path of life consciousness and growth;

Ying is the national upturn and the root of development;

Qian is the harmony of the nation and the root of peace;

Ying is the source of the soul's awakening and fullness;

Qian is the source of soul purification and transparency.

Finding Ying Qian is to find the nature of Taoism, the foundation of peace, and discover a powerful self. You can build harmony with all people. This is also part of the dragon culture.

The new era has arrived. Dragon Culture should continue his mission. The Dragon of the Dragon Culture should be dedicated to building a harmonious and beautiful world, creating and promoting good and loving, using wisdom, hard work and courage to enjoy it.

"Yue Life" is a cry of the dragons' successors in various issues in the new era.

The realization of a peaceful world should be the intersection of world civilizations. It should be mutual benefit of disciplines, mutual honour of culture, belief in righteous thoughts, removal of superstitions. Only the ideological dimension of sublimation groups can be enough to build a world of beauty. It is not just an improvement of the dimension of life.

He needs everyone to truly feel the life, to embrace the suffering and the good, to learn the law of great joy and compassion, to practice life with the correct attitude, to release love, to melt hate, in the world of awakening.

To create a world of beauty and to decide your own joyful life.

In the atmosphere of beauty, the desire will not expand, the sin will not grow, and people will truly have "satisfaction."

Satisfaction is from the heart, not from materialization, respect for life and joy for the ordinary, is a gesture that everyone should cultivate in life, and improve themselves in a good or bad living environment.

Cognitive and realm dimensions can determine the quality of a person's life and the quality of the spirit. This is not what the material itself can give.

To know that the only constant in the world is "change." In the new era, the era of happiness from material has ended. What people need more than money and material is the spiritual level of gain.

A new world requires a change in the minds of all. Efforts to practice and repair, the mode of thinking can be upgraded, and life will be changed. This is the direction in which the people of the world need to work hard.

It must be remembered that the process of self-shaping is very painful. If you are afraid of pain, then you are not qualified to change anything.

Because the people who pick up the axe are ignorant, the wise person will choose to embrace their anger, feel this temper, let themselves grow into more powerful people, true happiness is always accompanied by temper, frustration and pain.

- However, this is why we need a spirit of humility, a need for a dragon culture, and a need to be more certain that we are a descendant of the dragon.

The world needs to change now. The world now needs pain. It needs to be embraced, accommodating, and mellow this painful person.

Only those people who have the heart of the dragon to breathe together can reasonably turn the tide in the wave of the times.

Producing national strength, recasting national morality, awakening human love, the spirit of the dragon, at first, nowadays, no matter in the depths of the history of civilization, it has survived the depths of the national soul, in the blood of all the descendants of the Chinese mainland.

Inheritance, it spans the ages, and still interprets the development of civilization and universal love; now, with the encouragement of the spirit of the dragon, we are more confident, and we will certainly be able to build for the prosperity and happiness of the Chinese nation and the prosperity of the people of the world.

The community of human destiny brings a new and beautiful world of harmony!

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