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Hongtai on the Rejuvenation of the Great Civilization IV: Trend of World Culture








The Soul of Dragon and Phoenix "Chinese Spirit"

The beauty of the universe, the unity of man and nature, the spirit of the dragon family, inherit the ancestral virtue.

The auspicious light shines, all things live on each other, the children of China, reunite in a thousand years.

The descendants of Yan and Huang, the dragon and the phoenix are auspicious, the civil and military self-cultivation, and the unity of harmony.

Virtuous fortune. Yingqian set the way, Shiyu three points, forever.

Come one by one


2020 is a special year. In this year, we have experienced not only a global pandemic, and disasters. In various countries and regions, the frequent and large-scale fires, floods, locust plagues and droughts are also shocking. Under the setting of this era, our bodies and souls have been greatly impacted and shocked. At this moment, we must begin to understand and reflect on whether we, as human beings, have completed the mission, responsibilities, and obligations that we should complete. Have you discovered the dross and contradictions that have existed so far, then carried out self-ascension, completed self-salvation, and was reborn in the crisis, becoming a new human being after the upgrading of the universe and the earth? This is not a joke, nor is it a rumor. When we push back all the inner demons and the invading demons, it is possible to discover the truth and complete the transformation...


The process of civilization is deduced by nature, history and humanities. It will not stop because of someone’s regression and ego. Choosing to stand still means choosing self-exile. Choosing to escape suffering means choosing to be abandoned by the times. The earth has entered the century mark, and the group thoughts and public behavior patterns of the old age have come to an end. We must stand at the door of the times and move forward.


There are five continents and seven oceans on the earth, which are extremely prosperous and have ever-changing forms. She nurtures mankind, and thousands of complex cultural systems created and continued by mankind over tens of thousands of years, no matter the existing culture. The kind, and the ones that have disappeared in the dust of history, the initial origin of all cultures are nothing more than the manifestation of the upward development of human beings from the spirit and the soul, because human beings have a strong idea of survival. , And after solving the pure survival problem, the instinct to explore time, space and matter. This instinct for continuous improvement makes human being different from all living beings under the precondition of maintaining biological nature. It is the instinct in this gene. , Let us explore life and death, heaven and earth, science and countless unknowns, thus deriving countless splendid and magnificent cultures and histories.


When there is man, there is society, and when there is society, culture will be born. Culture not only shows human nature, but also the highest expression of human desire and instinct to explore unknown things. The human soul desires knowledge and pursues wisdom. Hope for great love. It is these precious and brilliant qualities that enable us to explore the world based on nature and develop into an advanced group with intelligence.


Moreover, culture is not only a manifestation of the upward kinetic energy of human spirit, but also an externalization of human's understanding of all things in nature. When a culture is separated from nature and cause and effect, it is incomplete. Even if it thrives at the beginning, it will eventually become It will show a state of decay, and even lead to the degeneration of human nature, bringing about crimes and wars, because the root of all civilizations on the earth lies not in others, but in nature. When people learn to respect nature, explore nature, learn nature, and travel around nature, they will gain from this The culture of China is a culture that can have a soul, wisdom, and grow continuously. It is a culture that can overcome all disasters, advance with the times, and move with the trend.


Culture constitutes the social attributes, social order, and soul order of human nature. Tao is Tao, very Tao, and indescribable. Tao is the law of the universe, and it is an order. Only by returning to its origin and being in it can you perceive, master the laws of the universe, and decipher the codes of the universe.


China, as the four ancient countries, is the only country that retains the continuity of traditional culture. Our culture has experienced thousands of years of baptism and has a profound historical and cultural heritage and an inclusive heritage. It also shows strong tolerance and vitality. Through the change of dynasties and times, even if the humanities presented are different, and the people presented are different in the world, we can still find that the Chinese nation, starting from the traditional farming civilization, has always continued to respect the nature of the world and everything The emerging cultures generated internally and externally have inclusive and generous virtues. Even if there are frustrations, turbulence and uneasiness, we can still use the wisdom of "harmony" and "cooperation", love as the core, Tao as the law, and advanced Orthodox culture is the foundation to promote the development of human civilization, overcome many difficulties, and complete cultural upgrades.


The descendants of Yan and Huang are the descendants of the dragon, the descendants of the phoenix, the dragon is the foundation of the Chinese nation, the dragon is the soul of the Chinese nation, and the dragon is the bond of the Chinese nation’s emotions. At present, people’s spirit and sense of belonging to the dragon have become more and more clear. It has become a symbol of the cohesion of the Chinese nation. Culture is the soul of the country, the soul of the nation, the soul of the enterprise, and the soul of the general public. It is the ideological soul of our descendants. The birth and inheritance of culture comes from the love of human beings and the awakening of the soul. "Traditional Chinese culture" is the endless spiritual food of the Chinese nation. It has been rooted in our lives and filled with our blood.

我们呼吁炎黄子孙在新时期能够找回本真自我,增强愛国主义情怀,共同弘扬中华魂,不光造福自己,也将在新世纪的节点上造福人类。 文化的精、气、神是内在力量,需要全人类共识,共通,共融,精诚合作,深入研究,集思广益,推陈出新,去伪存真,去其糟粕取其精华,统一认知,共建人类命运共同体,守卫大道,弘扬美德,呼吁和平,践行龍之精神,重塑灵魂,凝聚文化美德和合共生的力量,拯救天、地。人。道法自然,道在人间,道在心中,道在灵中。体合心,心合意,意合愛,愛合灵,法合德,德合道。自觉,自悟,自省。人合名,名合礼,合灵,明道,遵道。自愛,自强,自证。礼合理,理合法,明道,证道,得道。

We call on the descendants of Yan and Huang to regain their true selves in the new era, strengthen their patriotism, and jointly promote the Chinese soul, which will not only benefit themselves, but also benefit mankind at the node of the new century. The essence, spirit, and spirit of culture are internal forces that require the consensus of all mankind, commonality, inclusiveness, sincere cooperation, in-depth research, brainstorming, innovation, remove the false and keep the truth, remove the dross and select the essence, unify cognition, and build a community with a shared future for mankind. Guard the road, promote the virtues, call for peace, practice the spirit of the dragon, reshape the soul, condense cultural virtues and the power of symbiosis, and save the sky and the earth. people. Taoism is natural, Tao is in the world, Tao is in the heart, and Tao is in the spirit. The body is in harmony with the heart, the mind is in harmony, the intention is in love, the love is in spirit, the law is in virtue, and the virtue is in harmony. Consciousness, self-realization, introspection. People have a joint name, a joint ritual, a spirit, a clear way, and a zundao. Self-love, self-improvement, self-certification. Etiquette is reasonable, reason is legal, clear way, prove way, get way.


Don’t forget the original intention and always have the right way, without a high degree of cultural confidence, without the spirit of the dragon, the love of the phoenix, the way of harmony, the universe is one, the world is one family, the origin is united, there will be no cultural prosperity and great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. It may benefit society, serve mankind, and create a great era of civilization. Chinese culture is bound to be the axis of future world cultural development. It is not just that we have the advantage of inclusiveness, and all this is not only a choice of historical trends, but also a choice of time and cause and effect, because the old problems of the past have caused not only China, but a global cultural crisis. No one can be alone anymore, and no concept can no longer be the dominant one, because behind all kinds of events, we see that the key to the revival of human culture and spirit lies in the purity, great love, sharing and sharing in Chinese culture. Among the wisdom of Hehe, only by carrying forward its essence and using its connotation can we save more people from fire and water, and the rise and spread of Chinese culture can not only solve the long-delayed global cultural contradictions, but also use it. The effectiveness of the united vertical and horizontal links binds all mankind together in one place to welcome the arrival of the new generation and uses the sword of cultural harmony and selfless wisdom to deal with all future problems and contradictions. There is no two reason in the world, reason is law, law is rule, conforming to law is conforming to morality, conforming to morality and righteousness, and then gaining the will of heaven, respecting the way in heaven and respect is the foundation of world affairs, and understanding and correcting the law is the foundation of the foundation. Reasonable, harmonious, and worthy of standing up to heaven and earth, can the merits and virtues be fulfilled.


People only believe in the cognitive system and natural phenomena that they are willing to believe. At the same time, they will only regard those that violate their will and change their own cognitive system as errors, or as incredible heretical mentality, as well as fear and fear of the unknown. Repulsion, the obstacle of the cognitive system to the self, traps our dimensions and wisdom, limits our thinking and behavior, and hinders our progress. Reasonable, everything is accessible; rationalized, everything is sensible; rationally, all nations are surrendered; rationally, all people are conscientious.


We are in a great era. In such an era where opportunities and disasters coexist, some people are inspired; some are shocked and think positively; while some are indifferent, do not think about it or not, no matter in any era, hesitate Those who are, wanderers, wait-and-see, those who are stagnant, will be eliminated by the times, this is something that must happen, Chinese culture’s dragon spirit, phoenix compassion, symbiosis of harmony, mutual benefit, not just every enlightened person The way of practice is the path of liberation for all nations and civilizations. All dharmas are one, and all people are one mind, that is the way back.


Human civilization must promote noble moral sentiments, gradually eliminate mankind’s outdated secular views in the past, establish an ecologically balanced global view, and return to the ethics and values of benevolence. The tolerant, compatible and upward spirit of the dragon, the love of the phoenix, and the way of harmony of the ancient Eastern nations must be carried forward and become the common spiritual pursuit of mankind. This is that mankind must move toward civilization; civilization belongs to the world, belongs to mankind, and is the only remaining thing in the world. Ancient civilizations must become the center of the global village; Chinese civilization must be the right way of human civilization, the universal road.

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